We lend on the following scenarios:

Time Sensitive Deals


Transitional Real Estate

Distressed Borrowers

Special Situations

Southeast Houston Multifamily Recapitalization


Houston, TX

  • Loan Type: Recapitalization
  • Property: Garden-style multifamily complex consisting of 856 housing units.
  • Scenario: Proceeds from Trevian's loan were used to payoff existing debt, fund the completion interior renovations, and return equity to the Sponsor.
  • Result: Trevian provides recapitalization financing for partial cash outs and provides Sponsors with additional time to season operations at a lower cost of capital.

Upper East Side Condominium Construction Completion and Inventory Loan


New York, NY

  • Loan Type: Recapitalization
  • Property: Luxury 10-unit residential condominium project with ground-floor retail.
  • Scenario: Proceeds from Trevian's loan were used to pay off the previous lender, complete construction, fund an interest reserve and partially pay down a preferred equity position after an expected injection of fresh equity did not take place.
  • Result: Trevian lends to Sponsor's who are in need of recapitalization financing in order to re-establish reserves, complete construction, and/or buy-out or pay-down investors. Trevian is used to moving quickly and can close a construction completion project in as quickly as 2 - 3 weeks.

Belleville Self-Storage Recapitalization


Belleville, NJ

  • Loan Type: Recapitalization Financing
  • Property: 400,000 square foot self-storage and warehouse facility.
  • Scenario: Trevian's loan was used to pay off a matured CMBS loan, fund the build-out of additional self-storage units, and return equity to the sponsor, who was unable to secure conventional financing due to historical litigation.
  • Result: Trevian lends to sponsors whose bankruptcy and/or litigation histories complicate their ability to obtain conventional financing. In instances where permanent financing is unlikely even after the bridge loan, Trevian can facilitate a bridge-to-sale.

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